The Power of Surrendering

The Power of Surrendering

Surrendering is easy, but releasing doubt can be tough because of the conditioning bombardment by society, and this blocks a natural ebb & flow of trust.

Why would anyone want to surrender into an ethereal deeper nature which is the most natural state of your being? The short answer is: this thing called your life becomes incredibly awesome.

What if I told you this life could be filled with perfect:







With Surrendering in a natural evolution (they may not all come into being instantly), you slowly become aligned in harmony with the inner and outer worlds, there becomes a harmony in the deep facet of the collective being. Basically, you become kind of like Yoda (without becoming green and having a light saber –but maybe it could happen! Nothing is impossible.)

The simplest personal statement I am able to conceive is when I surrender to this higher consciousness my day is generally full of solace and I get more stuff done with ease. My ego is not trying to figure everything out. I am not creating more ripples of suffering about how everything is to work.

There is limited (if none) of the egoistic fear mongering spirals in the mind loops such as: What if this cataclysm happens? How will I respond? What will they think of me? Based on my past I am not good enough for x, y, & z thus I am not able to do ________. With the release of all this negative self-talk, I have more energy to allocate to the actual focal-point I am working on in this moment. I have released the outcome and I am in flow with the actual process. More awareness is available to deal with these actual perceived problems.

I am not saying to drop all life’s problems. I am also not saying that you won’t find inner stuff coming to the surface which you may not want to see inside yourself. I am saying when stuff arises from within us to surrender these problems to a higher nature. This deepest-holiest-fullest cosmic center in the self, where your truest nature resides, will help invite the solutions into your perceptual reality. Think of an equilateral cross and the focal-point, where each passing overlaps, this is the here and now. Find this center inside yourself. It is much like turning on an internal GPS.

This presence has many names. It has been called the higher self, satguru, holy spirit, Christ-consciousness, Krishna-consciousness, supra-consciousness, to name a few (there may be mild flavor differences between these energies; but these energies essentially have the same internal source of power). This awareness, at it’s deepest level, knows exactly what is going on, how you got there, and has the wisest integrity-excitement filled way of launching you out onto the deepest fulfilling venue (state of consciousness) most helpful in that state of time and place. This all knowing force knows you better than you know yourself to be because it sees you without all the costumes of personality, the desires attached to these outfits, and helps release self-imposed limitations through shifting your perception.

Just know fundamentally with all your being:

Something wonderfully awesome is happening to me today.

The ability to surrender onto the deeper nature of the self provides a guide who, for a visual, stands on a mountain peak and watches the trail you are on and knows where it leads is the true miracle. When we surrender to the divine flow of the universe we grow most effectively. Often mountains of perceived judgments and desires, which do not serve our best intentions, are lifted and we feel free of the chains which previously ensnared us to false idols. Almost as if by magic our desire for things which do us harm ease out of our life because we no longer feel the need to use them. What remains is a zest for living the dream of who we want to be. We surrender to the divine blueprint (you may not buy into predestination but whatever) for our lives purpose and the pieces of the puzzle start to align. The crumbling of the mountain of illusion provides great compost for the flower beds of dreams.

Many people feel after surrendering that life’s many problems include the solutions within them. Things just fall into place. In my personal experience this month I had to move within three days. The universe provided a free place to stay for a month in order for me to find another place!

Being in a state of this natural openness and trust to the universal will the gift of a calm and collected demeanor is bestowed upon the recipient. We perceive information that may have been there but we previously overlooked. Through this holistic perception one is free of burdens. Better choices are able to be made using your personal will and the divine mind’s will which resides and works through you as a conduit to the solution.

Many people have issues with the construct of God (AKA: LOVE). However, if the premise is accepted that God is you, you, and you (us), as is everything in the various kingdoms, then the understanding eventually stumbles upon the truth: God works through us to achieve miracles. However, we must release the barriers to love’s presence [this being F.E.A.R= False Evidence Appearing Real: judgments/projections/doubt/anger] in order to sense this divinity coursing through our very veins. This spiritual nature empowers us through pointing, guiding, and giving us courage to walk the path necessary to climb out of the pit we have created for ourselves. We hear the whispers of God like the way wind blows through the trees while in meditation, before sleep, in dreams, and right after waking. We receive insights, much like Shamanic or Native Americans, daily in the form of symbols our psyche has attributed meaning to in order to bridge the connection to this intuitive state of awareness.

When life gets tough, and you feel overburdened, this may be a great time to communicate with your inner guru to help put life in harmony within the great eternal natural flow of the universe.

Holy Spirit [Whatever other flavor you associate with], I __________ invite your grace into this life to be healed, transformed, and blessed by the divine nature of the universe. Please clearly give me direction, motivation, and strength to be in harmony with the great universal flow in this being. I thank you for the love and guidance on every step of the way. I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

And So it is.


The importance of GRATITUDE

So I normally wouldn’t capitalize something for effect, but I feel GRATITUDE tends to be overlooked a lot of the times.

Gratitude is being able to shine despite all circumstances. It is powerful. It is one of those mystic teachings that is so simple and, generally, is easily overlooked for something more profound.

However gratitude is one of the easiest tools we have in our toolbox to help us reach the vibratory state in order to heal our minds and hearts from all the chaos inside which thus reflects externally.

Ram Dass uses an example from his extraordinary text Be Here Now to suggest we all know when someone is in a state of anxiety. Likewise, we can sense someone full of peace. It appears to be magic to the bystanders who don’t understand, the soul who is so absorbed by the honey nectar of the eternal presence of love in every cell of their reality, that miracles just somehow happen to them. The advice whispered by the emanation to all’s hearts within the proximity of this essence is, “by being in a state of grace, you too, can inherit joy, satisfaction, and the ability to transform all moments into peace.”


Keep a gratitude notebook/a list each day for anything you are grateful for. This can be as simple or complex as you would like to make it: I am grateful for being able to breathe on my own to I am grateful to be aware of love’s presence.

Do your best to list why you are grateful for a week. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, but immediately get back on the grace train. Once the week has ended you may feel inclined to do it for a month. This practice is divine.

Lately I have been making lists of 10, but if you feel more comfortable with 5 or 20 this is perfectly acceptable. The only requirement is to allow the receptivity of gratefulness to start entering your life.

Another law which is related to gratitude is you can only attract what you already have on the inside. Thus, by creating a means for gratitude to enter into your field of awareness, it appears you start seeing all sorts of reasons to be grateful. This trick tells the mind life is great (or at least okay) and allows anxiety to dissipate.

Being in a state of grace allows us to see the natural beauty (which has always been there) in all situations. Whatever the mind focuses on will inherently bring more of this into our lives. Grace acts as the master locksmith to the treasure of all joys one fails to see and brings glory into the now.

Experiences become rich with fullness despite pleasure or pain. Grace removes the “blocks to loves presence [A.C.I.M]” and we are able to see what life truly is: A miracle.

Welcome! An intro to why I created this blog.

Hi dear fellow Brothers & Sisters,

Thank you for stumbling across this blog. I am not sure exactly why you found this, how you found this, or what you will do with the information on this page: or even what the ripples it will cause. However, with this being said, I want to thank you.

I am starting this blog with the intention of healing the world. One individual at a time. Although a lot of this information is already out there, this will be a place for me to synthesize the teachings into digestible seeds of understanding. The aim of this blog will encompass a vast array of spiritual teachings/techniques which have helped me to become comfortable in my own skin.

I would like to teach individuals how to find peace, happiness, and joy within their own ecosystem within the universal orbital dance we all play in our daily lives.

Ideally this blog will be bi-monthly with a mini-essay on a particular topic of interest.

With gratitude, integrity, and love, I thank you.

Now let us awaken from the dream.


Enlightened Dreams

Influential people and thought paradigms which have shaped my personal growth (and are not limited to): Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Bhagavan Das, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, A Course In Miracles, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sai Baba, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Benito Massaro, Jeff Foster, Don Miguel Ruiz, Helena Blavatsky, Deepak Chopra, Bashar. Minimalism, Non-Duality, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Quantum Mechanics, and the Multi-Dimensional Self.